My Eurocircle interview

As a reporter, I’m usually on the other side of the pen and notepad, grilling folks with tough questions. But recently the tables turned, as I was interviewed for Eurocircle’s Expatriates-series. To read the Q&A about my life as a traveling writer, click here.

For those of you not in the know, Eurocircle is a social networking group that was started in 1999 in New York by a Finnish lady named Kaisa Kokkonen. “EuroCircle is a free informal community for Europeans, Europhiles & expats,” states the website. Through EC, members can “exchange ideas and contacts & meet people at our events or via the forums.”

I first learned about Eurocircle in 2009, and shortly after that I interviewed Kaisa for an article about the organizations 10th anniversary. Nowadays I go to their various events in New York whenever I have the time. Most recently I attended one of their rooftop parties at Ava Lounge, which was a fun place to check out. So if you are in New York or any of the other cities that EC operates in, check out the events calendar and go mingle!

Picture 6

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