Who is this Writer on the Move?

Hola chicos!

My name is Mirva Lempiainen, I’m a US-educated globetrotting journalist from Finland. The cosmopolitan city of New York has been my home for the better part of the last decade and is also where I earned my master’s degree in 2009. I am a graduate of the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism, where I specialized in international reporting.

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Thus it’s only fitting that when I’m not in my adopted hometown of NYC, I can generally be found roaming the globe’s remote corners. Over the past decade I’ve spent several months each year traveling to faraway lands, finding out what’s going on in different corners of the world and writing articles to educate others of what I’ve learned. My goal is to have a nice personal memory from every country, as I believe this is the best way to fight xenophobia – the fear of the unknown. Though I have visited more than 60 countries now, there are still  many that draw a blank when I look at the map. The work continues.

I hope this blog serves as an inspiration to all of you who yearn to do something different, or live your lives a little off the beaten path. Even if you don’t pack up your bags and hit the road like me, I hope you’ll enjoy the armchair trips. That is what travel writing is all about!



  1. WoW! You are very very inspiring! I pray all your wishes come true. And the one writing to one of the leading Newspaper in the world come true very very soon.


  2. I found your blog very inspiring! Keep up the good work ;).

    Lisäksi terkkuja täältä kylmästä koto-Suomesta. Kivaa lukea suomalaisen toimittajan matkamuisteloja maailmalta!


  3. Dear Mirva,
    I am contacting you from the Nigerian Mission in New York in regards to an article you wrote on “More Women Sit on the UN Security Council, but What Does It Mean?”. I need some urgent information from you on this.
    Please contact me at deborahayis@outlook.com at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you,


  4. I am very proud of you, Mirva! It is nice to read all these stories all around the world in my rocking chair:) Keep up your good job !


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