Young Professionals – the United Nations Needs You!

Are you young and ambitious? Have you always dreamed of working for the United Nations in exotic lands but just didn’t know how to go about scoring a job with the mighty international organization? Here’s your chance!

The application period for the Young Professionals Programme (YPP) and its annual entrance examination starts today! If you are 32 or younger this year, hold at least a bachelor’s degree and hail from one of this year’s 63 participant countries, you are in luck.  Between now and August 2, you can submit your application to be considered for jobs in administration, finance, legal affairs, public information and statistics.

To learn more about what you may be getting yourself into, check out my article on the YPP program that I wrote a few months ago for the UN-centric website And good luck!

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Have you applied for the YPP program before or are you planning on applying now? 


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  1. Hello Mrs. Mirva Lempianan,
    I am a first class Computer science bachelor graduate from India who also has a small enterprise start up. Since long, I have been looking out for opportunities in the humanitarian, disaster management space due to my varied and precipitated encounters with the same. While I was looking out for opportunities in the humanitarian field inspired by my accidental clashes and my dad himself who’s working In a NGO, I came across Young professional’s programme providing anyone with an immediate entry through a tough examination process. As I placed my focus on the exam – it’s pattern, content, minutia including the date of application and examination, I drew blank for the year 2014. Considering my serious persuasion of this field and my future, I would humbly take any help from your office for providing the details of the 2014 exam in India.

    1. Between what dates the application process would be live in India and how to approach its submission – through any government services or does it have a separate gateway?
    2. Though the website of YPP informs that the modules would be announced soon, is it possible to know that the same set of subjects from last year would be allowed?
    3. Since many links connects the YPP with the Indian Civil service examination, does anyone need to get coached by the Indian Administrative Service centres for taking or writing this exam ?
    4. How would the resume or CV from India given preferences ? I read last year you received 3400 applications when it’s only 40 per country and the chances depends on the relevant work experience and/or the foreign language like French? (Albeit I’m taking up the French A1 exams next month, I feel it’s a long way to go for learning a language)
    5. Can I take up Humanitarian or administrative or a different module though I have a base in computer science engineering?

    Can I be able to reach you personally with regard to these queries.

    Thank you very much for your future response in advance and awaiting your honest reply.


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