Happy Birthday To Me!

I know what you are all thinking… where’s the Weekly Wednesday Video??!! Yep, you were probably all holding your breath in excitement…. and here I was feeling guilty that I didn’t find the time to post one this week.

But then I realized… this is my BIRTHDAY WEEK! June 4 was the actual D-Day, but here in New York the party still continues. Thus I think it’s perfectly justified for me to take the rest of the week off from my blog duties (that’s the least I can do to celebrate, right?). See you next week!

Picture 8



  1. Hello! My name is Paola and I’m from Brazil. I was searching about book swaps in airports, because I want to bring the concept to Brazil, and I ended up finding about you and the Quality Hunters at Helsinki Airport. Such a great idea and initiative! Since the concept in Brazil is totally new, I would like to talk to you about your experience leading this project. You can reply here or email me at paolagulin@yahoo.com.br . It would be great to listen to your knowledge in this area. Btw, I saw you’ve travelled all over. Really great experience! I just came back from India, Thailand and Indonesia and also wrote a little bit about it in my blog: http://www.terceiroolho.com (the posts are also in english). I really look forward to hear from you soon! Thanks a lot, Paola


    1. Hi Paola! Glad you found your way to the blog and thanks for your comment. I actually only suggested the book swamp during the QH Project, but the Helsinki Airport staff and Finnair are who made it happen. In fact I haven’t even seen what the book swap room looks like, or how it works. 😦 Hoping to do that this summer when I’m in Finland. But I’ll email you with some contact info that can be useful for you. Thanks for stopping by!


      1. It would be great if you could put me in contact with them. It would help a lot! I’ll be waiting for your “connection” then. I’ll keep on following your blog and adventures 🙂 Thanks a lot, Paola!

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