Please make me Jauntaroo’s World Chief Explorer by voting for my video!

Wouldn’t it be cool if I got selected for the Best Job Around the World and got to check out 30+ vacation destinations over 12 months, volunteer in all of them and blog about it for all the world to see and learn? And minor detail – be paid $100,000 in salary. I sure think it would be pretty sweet 🙂 So please go vote for my super cool video application on Jauntaroo, a travel-planning website, and do it TODAY before the voting ends – which is any day now, as the Jauntaroo team is currently reviewing all applications. If you have already voted, no worries – you can “Like” the video again every 24 hours! 🙂 Thanks for your support!

I was up until 7 a.m. today working on this video, so I hope you can all show it some love!  Thank you!! Gracias!! Kiitos!! Tack!! Danke!! Merci!! Jerifef!! Terimakasim!! And so forth. 🙂 Just click here or click on the photo to get to the voting site:

Picture 4

And if you think that you “liking” a video online hardly leads to any tangible benefits in a sea of thousands of applicants, you’d be wrong: In 2011 I got selected as one of Finnair’s seven travel bloggers (called Quality Hunters) after my application scored 2,227 Likes, the second-highest number on the site! My video can still be seen on my own YouTube channel, even though Finnair has taken the contest page down. The race was extremely tight and nerve-wracking as I recounted in the blog later, but worth every missed heartbeat – the seven-week gig, then also at times dubbed “The World’a Best Job,” was beyond amazing and saw me flying to destinations from Japan to India and Europe! So there you see, every Like counts in today’s social-media obsessed world! 🙂

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