Quality Hunters recap

Finnair just published this cool video yesterday thanking the Quality Hunters community for being so active online and for coming up witha whopping 288 ideas for how to improve air travel.

I was happy to spot myself in the video a couple of times too, and for once not looking totally ridiculous… 😛

Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to comment on the best ideas at http://www.qualityhunters2.com!

And the “best ideas” would obviously be mine…haha… such as the free magazine and book swap at Helsinki Airport.

And how about acknowledging milestone birthdays with a glass of bubbly or a box of chocolates?

And also, how about bringing a Hesburger to the airport, the all-around awesome Finnish hamburger chain? I’m tired of just having wine and caviar to choose from!

If you agree with me, don’t forget to hit “Like” on the ideas! Thanks guys! 🙂

(PS. Sanjoo‘s idea about “Meat-free Mondays” is not too shabby either, but it’s already winning anyway!)

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