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If you are interested in travel advice, personalized island tours of Guadeloupe, trip inspiration, or have a gig to offer me, feel free to get in touch via email: Thanks!



  1. We are coming to Guadeloupe on jan 24 for 2 weeks we would like a tour of the island thank you jack & Cary


  2. Hello,

    My friend and I are going to Guadeloupe for a short trip (2.5 days) in late January- beginning of Feb. We are wondering if you have any advice on where we should stay, and how we should spend our two full days. We arrive on a Saturday night around 6pm and leave Tuesday Morning. Thank you!


    1. Hey Jasmine!

      Wow, that will be a short trip indeed! You’ll have to plan well to make the most of it. My e-book could help you with that, as you could read through the best things to do here and decide what are your priorities (beaches, active hikes, snorkeling etc), and I could then advice you further once you have narrowed down your ideas. Feel free to send me an e-mail at to discuss more!


  3. Hi! My friend and I want to come to Guadeloupe 2/5-2/10. However, it seems all car rentals (automatic transmission) are booked from the airport 😦 Any suggestions?


  4. Bonjour ! Je prepare un voyage en Gouadeloupe pour Avril 2017 et recherche un Tour Operator avez-vous des sugestions pour moi ? Merci Nancie
    Hello! I prepare a trip to Gouadeloupe for April 2017 and research a Tour Operator Do you have suggestions for me? Thank you Nancie


    1. Bonjour Nancie! I’m sorry, I don’t know much about the French speaking tours of Guadeloupe. Maybe the tourist information center can recommend something to you? I personally do guided tours in English, so feel free to get in touch via email if you are interested in English-language day tours (my email is! Merci. 🙂


  5. Hi! Sorry to hear about your being mugged in Bubaque (Guinea-Bissau). My husband is from Guinea-Bissau, and I’m Filipino. We live in NJ, have a business in NYC and Connecticut. and we also have a beach camp in Guinea-Bissau, which has just been established in late 2015. One day, if you return, visit us! It’s called Dakosta Island Beach Camp, and follow us on either Facebook or Instagram!


    1. Thanks for getting in touch! And great to hear about Dakosta Island Beach Camp. Bruce Beach was my favorite place to hang out when I was in Bubaque! I’ll definitely keep it in mind if I return, or if I have friends heading that way. 🙂


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